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Here are a few ways you can help stop the spread of invasive species

Boot Brushes & Boot Brush Stations


Invasive species love to get their seeds stuck in your boots and shoes. 

Before moving to a new site, or while hiking a long trail, consider cleaning your boot with a brush to stop the unwanted hitchhikers from following you to a new home.

Boot brushes are offered for free by the CISMA. Contact your Three Shores CISMA coordinator today to get your free boot brush!


Want an effective way to minimize the spread of invasives along your trail or property? Consider installing a Boot Brush Station!  A study from Southern Illinois University showed that boot brush stations are very effective at removing the seeds of invasive species from boots.  If you see one of these, consider using it to stop the spread!

If your organization is interested in installing one of these boot brush stations, contact the Three Shores CISMA coordinator to see how we can help.

Minimize Moving Firewood


The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is home to millions of acres of pristine forest and beautiful campsites.  These forests could quickly disappear if exposed to invasive species such as Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorned Beetles, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, Oak Wilt, etc.


When visiting the Eastern Upper Peninsula, please use only locally sourced firewood and do not transport wood from other regions of Michigan and the United States.   

Clean Your Boat

In addition to hundreds of stunning inland lakes, the Eastern Upper Peninsula is the only region that has a shoreline along the three largest great lakes. 


Washing your boat between visits from one body of water to another can help limit the spread of unwanted invasive species such as Eurasian Milfoil, European Frogbit, invasive mussels, and invasive algae. 

Please help us in keeping our waters in pristine condition!


Volunteers are essential to CISMA activities and play a vital role in protecting the Eastern Upper Peninsula from the threat of invasives.

Keep an eye out on our events page or contact us to learn how you can help the CISMA!

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