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CISMA Program Coordinator

Michael Hindy

A native to Fowlerville, Michigan, Michael attained his bachelor's degree from Cornerstone University in 2016 and continued his education pursuing his master's degree at Central Michigan University. Prior to joining the CISMA, Michael worked a variety of seasonal and full-time jobs conducting bird research and native plant restoration throughout the Midwest.


Under the guidance of the steering committee, Michael leads the strike team invasive species management efforts, engages the partner network, plans workshops and events, provides outreach materials, manages the CISMA social media accounts, and pursues funding opportunities for CISMA activities.


Beyond the CISMA, Michael enjoys exercising, hiking with his wife,  spoiling his pets, and fishing the pristine waters of the Midwest. If you see Michael out in his natural habitat of the woods or rivers of the U.P., be sure to say hey!

Field Team

Our Field Team carries out the field objectives and deliverables of our projects under the supervision of the Three Shores CISMA Coordinator. Our professional team are your local E.U.P. experts and provide the upmost professionalism and expertise in invasive species surveys, management, and outreach efforts.

Alec Connell

Alec Connell serves our team as one of our full-time conservation technicians and has been working with Three Shores CISMA since May 2021. In his first year with the CISMA, Alec worked as a team member removing and surveying invasive species, and transitioned to active crew leader in 2022.

Alec has a science degree from Lake Superior State University and is currently working towards the completion of his bachelor’s. Some of his favorite things to do outside of work or school are backpacking, camping, hunting, or hiking with his puppy named Hazel. In the winter, Alec is also an avid snowmobiler and enjoys spending his weekends on the beautiful snow-packed trails of the Eastern Upper Peninsula.

As an invaluable member of our team, Alec shows exemplary leadership and dedication to getting any job done, no matter how difficult.

Nathan Veres

Nate is one of our all-star team members that has been a part of the Three Shores CISMA team since the spring of 2022. Prior to joining the Three Shores team, Nate worked previously for Oakland County CISMA in 2021 and is currently a student at Lake Superior State University where he is completing his Bachelor of Conservation Biology degree.

Nate’s favorite part of working at Three Shores CISMA is the opportunity of discovering cool new places on the job and helping to keep our wild lands healthy and pristine.

In his free time, Nate loves reading, biking, whittling, kayaking, hanging out with his fiance, and foraging and exploring the UP forests. He’s also seeking to try his hand at fishing and backcountry camping this summer.  On the Three Shores CISMA team, Nate makes sure to go above and beyond in his work every single day!

Lizzy Brushaber

Lizzy is an MVP team member who joined our team in May of 2022 and is helping identify invasive phragmites stands in winter throughout the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Lizzy is a junior at Lake Superior State University and is currently working towards her bachelor's in Parks and Recreation.

Her favorite part about the job is being able to spend her days outdoors with nature and being able to see the difference she is making. In her free time Lizzy loves to go fishing, hiking, walking her dog, rock climbing, reading, and exploring local waterbodies on her canoe. She looks forward to another great summer and all the awesome adventures it has to offer.

Lizzy is a crucial member of the Three Shores team who makes every field adventure a fun day!  We're very grateful to have Lizzy on our field team.

Joanne Arbic

Joanne will be joining our team for the 2023 field season. Stay tuned for more details!

Judson Fargo

Judson will be joining our team for the 2023 field season. Stay tuned for more details!

Lillian Lacross

Lillian will be joining our team for the 2023 field season. Stay tuned for more details!

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