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Steering Committee

The purpose of the Steering Committee, on behalf of the CISMA partners, is to provide direction, identify opportunities, and further the goal of cooperative invasive species management. These partners have stepped up to provide guidance for the CISMA and the CISMA Coordinator.


Ken Kerkhof

Northern Natives Erosion Control, LLC


Dr. Kevin Kapuscinski

Lake Superior State University's Center for Freshwater Research and Education


Mike McCarthy

Chippewa Luce Mackinac    Conservation District


Tiffany Escherich

Bay Mills Indian Community


Nick Cassel

Upper Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council

Rachel Leggett

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Justin Bournoville

US Forest Service - Hiawatha National Forest

Pat Carr

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Hadley Reed

Sault Tribe of Chipepwa Indians

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