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Art and Invasive Species?

A lot of times when we think of invasive species we are not thinking about art. They create habitat destruction, ruin ecosystem functions, and can even cause human hazard in some situations. But in reality, art can really help spread awareness around invasives and some of the effects that they can create.

Just like invasives, art surrounding the topic can vary wildly. From sculptures to classical paintings depicting people being consumed by the vegetation, invasive species art can literally portray the effects or figuratively.

Creating invasive species art can expose you to the species and it can help others ID species as well! By sharing your art and exposing it to others, you are educating others through your art!

Invasive species art can also put a message out about ecosystem degradation. Some creatives choose to depict a landscape with invasives that’s suffering. Swallows attacking native vegetation, vines choking out a tree, both can depict how aggressive and tactical invasive plants can get.

So, the next time you are thinking about creating something, consider putting your own creative twist on an invasive species! Whether that be one local to you or one you are concerned about getting to your area, creating art is a great way to spread the message about invasive species and get more people educated on their impact and how they look.

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